Upcoming Events

  • SAT Test

    Registration deadline - November 2

    Late Registration deadline - November 20

    UHS Guidance Department

    Seniors, please notify your school counselor that you have submitted your applications if you have not done so already.

    UHS Guidance Department
  • SAT Test

    Registration deadline - February 8

    Late Registration deadline - February 27

    UHS Guidance Department
  • SAT Test

    Registration deadline - April 5

    Late Registration deadline - April 24

    UHS Guidance Department
  • SAT Test

    Registration deadline - May 3

    Late Registration deadline - May 22

    UHS Guidance Department
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College Application Countdown

Seniors your college applications are due in...


College applications must be submitted by Friday, December 14th!


Consent to Release Student Information Form

Seniors: Please complete this form and return it to the guidance office.

This form is needed for Uniondale High School to send your transcripts and other college documents to schools you are applying to.



Below is the on-site admissions schedule. Seniors that wish to participate must speak with their school counselor.  Click here to view the flyer. 

List of School Counselors

Please click on the Link Below to View the list of School Counselors: 

SAT Test Dates

ACT Test Dates

SAT and ACT Prep Classes

Click the following links to see the ACT and SAT prep classes that Uniondale High School is offering. 

December ACT Class  

To register for the classes please visit: Method Test Prep

Knights News

Knights News is a publication where parents and students can find information regarding college, scholarships and special programs gathered by the College and Career Room.

 Knights News - September 

 Knights News - October 

 Knights News - November 

College Information Newsletter

 Fall 2018 

SAT Registration

To sign up for the SAT, visit http://www.collegeboard.org. On the day of the SAT, make sure to bring a calculator, state id/school id, your registration ticket and pencils.

*** Please note that starting the October 2017 SAT, students will no longer be allowed to bring any electronics including cell phones, smart watches and any wearable technology. The testing supervisor will collect your devices before administering the test.***