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Uniondale Public Schools are dedicated to providing an outstanding educational experience for our students. Our Advanced Placement (AP) program exemplifies our commitment to academic excellence and student achievement.

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Benefits of Taking AP

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2024-2025 AP Course Offerings

Course Name (Grades Offered)

AP African American Studies (11-12)

AP 2D Art (10-12)

AP 3D Art (10-12)

AP Drawing (10-12)

AP Studio in Art (10-12)

AP Art History (10-12)

AP Biology (11-12)

AP Calculus AB (11-12)

AP Chemistry (11-12)

AP Computer Science Principles (10-12)

AP Enviornmental Science (11-12)

AP French Language and Composition (11-12)

AP Human Geography (9)

AP Lang & Comp (11-12)

AP Literature & Comp (11-12)

AP Music Theory (10-12)

AP Physics 1 (11-12)

AP Research (11)

AP Seminar (10)

AP Spanish Language and Culture (11-12)

AP Spanish Literature and Culture (11-12)

AP Statistics (11-12)

AP US Government & Politics (12)

AP US History (11)

AP World History (10)

Pre-AP English 1 (9)

Pre-AP English 2 (10)

Pre-Ap Chemistry (10-12)

Pre-AP World History and Geography