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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

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Bridges Program 

Culturally Relevant Pedagogy Professional Development Series



Culturally Relevant Pedagogy Professional Development Series


Program Brings Uniondale, Oceanside Students Together

A Partnership Between Uniondale and Oceanside 

Bridges is an innovative program where students from neighboring Long Island communities can discuss societal issues openly and respectfully.

"The Bridges Program has truly been an eye-opening experience. We have emerged more open minded about people that are different from us. We've learned to respect the opinions of others despite our distinct differences. We've put aside our differences with our neighboring community and came to understand each other's unique experience on Long Island. I believe all students can benefit from the experience Bridges offers. Speaking to people that have different experiences builds character and maturity". -Tatiana S., Uniondale Bridges Member

Advisor: Mrs. Tella-Williams 

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Promoting Cultural Awareness Between Segregated School Districts- Resource links and articles